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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sabudana Khichdi

This is one of my favourite recipe. My daddy does not like it. So mom and I usually cook this when daddy is not at home for dinner. Yesterday daddy was out with his friends for dinner so we grabbed the opportunity of making sabudana khichdi which I had not eaten since months.

It is usually made during fasts. It is great blend of taste- sabudana, potato and crushed peanuts. Again when you sprinkle lemon juice to it, taste will be amazing.

You have to careful while soaking sabudana in water. You just have to put water enough to cover the sabudana.

What goes in it:

Sabudana (Sago) - 1 cup
Water- 1 cup
Potato, boiled and diced- 1 cup
Peanuts, grinded- ½ cup
Cumin seeds (Jeera) - ½ tbl spn
Asafoetida (Hing)- ¼ tbl spn
Curry leaves- 1 sprig or 5-6 leaves
Oil- 2 tbl spn
Green Chilli, finely chopped- 1 tbl spn
Lemon juice- 2 tbl spn (you can put more or less of lemon as per your taste)
Sugar- 1 ½ tbl spn
Salt- as per your taste
Coriander leaves, finely chopped- ½ cup

How did I make it:

Soak sabudana in water for about 4-5 hours in a flat bottomed vessel. Soak in water just enough to soak cover top of sabudana.
[Foodies’ Note: Be careful while soaking sabudana in water. If you use more of water then sabudana will become sticky.]
Once they turn soft and fine round shaped, they are ready to be cooked.

Meanwhile, wash and peel off potato. Boil them. Drain off the water and cut it into small cubes. Keep it aside.

Grind peanuts in a grinder.

Mix the coarse peanut powder with sabudana properly.

Take a kadai and prepare for tempering. Pour oil in it and heat it. As it heats up, put jeera and hing. As jeera crackles, put curry leaves and chopped green chillies to it. Sauté for about 1-2 minutes.

You can add coriander leaves here. Usually I add it while sautéing but this time forget to add it, so used it at end while garnishing.

Next put boiled potato, sugar, lemon juice and salt. Mix them all and let it cook for 1-2 minutes.

Finally add sabudana to it. And season generously till all the ingredients are properly mixed.

Take it off the stove. Serve it hot in a plate. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Bajra Wadi

Bajra wadi is one of the famous Gujarati snack prepared at home. I learnt this from my granny who often makes this tasty and quick to cook snack. She has it fondly with her morning and evening tea. 
It is delicious and can be easily made. It is also an ideal snack for picnics. You can have it hot or cold with tea or pickle or just alone but anyhow it will taste yummy. 

Preparation time: 10 minutes (to knead the dough and finely chop ingredients)
Cooking time: 20 minutes

What goes in it:

Dokla aatta (mixture of chana dal flour  and rice flour) - 1cup
Bajra aatta (Pearl millet, flour)- 1 ½ cup
Ginger, finely chopped- 2 tbl spn
Green chilli, finely chopped- 2 tbl spn
Garlic, finely chopped- 2 tbl spn
Sesame seeds (til)- 1 tbl spn
Coriander leaves, chopped- ½ cup
Sugar- 1 ½ tbl spn
Buttermilk- ½ glass (make sure buttermilk is sour)
Salt- as per your taste
Oil- to deep fry

How did I make it:

Take a wide bowl in which you can knead dough.

Put bajra aatta and dokhla aatta in it. Add sesame seeds, salt, sugar, chopped coriander leaves, about 1 tbl spn of oil and ginger-chilli-garlic paste. Mix them all well. Pour buttermilk to it. Keep on adding buttermilk little by little till you get pliable dough. Just keep the dough a little loose and soft.

Meanwhile pour oil in a kadai and let it heat.

Now make wadi. On patla put a wet cloth so that wadi does not stick to the patla. Take small chunk of dough and with the help of fingers slowly pat dough to give circular shaped wadi. Dip your fingers in water and then pat wadi so that you can easily give circular shape.

Slowly remove the wadi from patla and put them in kadai for frying. Deep fry both the sides of wadi till it turns dark golden brown.

Put it on absorbent paper to soak extra oil. Keep it aside.

As it cools down a bit, serve it with tea, some pickle or have it alone. I had it alone all by itself and it does taste good.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Jain Recipes (Quick Recap)

Here's the recap of Jain recipes which i cooked for this paryusan.

2. Poha

Sada Dosa with Coconut Chutney

Dosa- yummy and crispy.

I am late on uploading this recipe but did not get much time because of festival. This is simple and quick recipe to cook though you need preplanning for making dosa batter.

This time had sada dosa with coconut chutney. I had made coconut chutney earlier for trirangi briyani but this time the recipe was jain i.e., without onion and garlic.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Sreves: 15-17 medium sized dosa

What goes it to make dosa batter:

Urad Dal (split black lentils) - 1 cup
Rice- 1 cup
Salt- as per taste
Water- 1 glass

How did I make it dosa batter:

Wash and soak rice and urad dal in water overnight in two separate cooking pots.

[Foodies Note: You use methi seeds to get nice fermentation for the batter especially in winter season. You can soak methi seeds along with urad dal.]

Next day morning, as the dal swells and rice softens up grind them separately in a wet jar of grinder. Before grinding do drain off the water.

Mix them both well and add salt to it. Keep it covered in a dark place for about 6-7 hours before making dosa.

What goes in to make coconut chutney:

Dried coconut, chopped- 1 nos
Curry leaves- 1 sprig or 4-5 leaves
Green chilli, chopped- 3-4 nos
Curd- 1 ½ cup
Sugar- 1 ½ tbl spn
Salt- as per taste
Oil- 2 tbl spn
Mustard seeds- ½ tbl spn
Asafoetida (Hing) - ½ tbl spn

How did I make coconut chutney:

Cut the dried coconut into small pieces.

Grind chopped coconut, curry leaves, green chilli, curd, salt and sugar together in a grinder.

Take out the chutney in a bowl.

Now in a small kadai, heat oil. As it heats up, temper mustard seeds and let them pop properly. Then add hing to it. 

Now add this to the chutney in the bowl and mix it well.

To make dosa:

Heat the non stick tawa.

To the batter add water to make it consistent enough so that it can be easily spread on the tawa. The mixture should be little thick so be careful when you mix water to the batter.

Pour a spoonful of batter in the centre, spread with the back of the spoon to a thin round. Put little ghee or oil around the sides. 

Cook both the sides till they turn golden brown and crisp (if you like crispy dosa). 

Remove with spatula. 

Serve hot with coconut chutney.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wheat Atta Sheera/ Wheat Atta Halwa

Today is Sunday and Mahavir Jayanti (Birthday of 24th Tirthankar God as according to Jain religion). Remember told that Jain festival- Paryusan is going on.  On the eve of Mahavir Jayanti, sweet toh banta hai. So at home prepared Wheat Sheera- again one of my favourite sweet.

This sheera when served hot tastes delicious and easily goes down from your throat to tummy. J

What goes in it:
Wheat flour- 1 cup
Water- 2 ½ cup
Jaggery- 1 cup
Ghee- ½ cup
Raisins (kismis)- ¼ cup
Fennel seeds (Variyali)- ¼ cup

To make it look yummy:

Cashew nuts (Kaju), sliced- 2-3 pieces
Almond (Badam), sliced- 2-3 pieces

How did I make it:

Boil water and jaggery in a cooking pot.  Once jaggery is melted, keep it aside.

Take a cooking pot, put ghee and wheat flour in it. Roast the flour in ghee till it turns dark brown. Cook it by continuously stirring it.

[Foodies Note: Keep on stirring properly to avoid formation of lumps and to keep it soft.]

Initial step when you heat ghee and wheat flour

As you heat, wheat flour will turn dark brown

Once the wheat flour is roasted, add melted jaggery, fennel seeds and kismis to it. And stir it continuously for about 10-15 minutes as the mixture thickens up. Turn off the stove then.

Transfer the warm sheera in a bowl or plate and garnish with sliced badam and kajju.

Serve delicious sheera hot.

Wheat Chapatti Ladoo

We all eat chapatti’s. I suppose everyone of us knows how to make chapatti. Ok, I am not going to share how to make chapatti. But I am sharing with you guys one of my favourite food recipe and is also dear to me as my granny always makes roti ladoo for me.

It’s simple, super quick and easy to make. You just need wheat flour, ghee and jaggery and it’s ready. There is also variance to it. You can also add grinded sugar to it, roll the chapatti and eat.

I always eat the earlier version. Just try this sweet tempting chapatti ladoo. And share your experience...

Preparation time: 7 minutes (to prepare the dough)
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Makes: 1 ladoo (out of 4 chapatti)

What goes in it:

Wheat flour- 2 cup
Water- 1 glass
Ghee- ½ cup
Jaggery- ¼ cup

How did I make it:

Put wheat flour in a wide bowl to make the dough. Add about ½ tbl spn of ghee and then keep on adding water little by little till the dough becomes soft and pliable. Divide it into 4 portions and make rounds.

[Foodies Note: You can use ghee and jaggery as per your taste.]

Switch on the stove and heat the pan. Side by side roll the dough on chapatti maker to make chapatti. Cook both the sides of chapatti properly.

While they are hot, cut them into small pieces, pour ghee and add jaggery to it. 

Cut roti into small pieces

Keep on mixing roti, ghee and jaggery

Mix it more

Mix them all well. Keep on mixing it till it becomes a round or ladoo.

And its ready...

And here hot, tempting sweet ladoo is ready to be served.

It tastes really good (try it if you are love sweets) and is filling for your tummy. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jain Poha

Poha is a usual dish on breakfast menu in most of the Indian households. It is healthy, quick and easy to prepare snack which is loved by almost all of us.

Well I have always had kanda poha or aloo poha but never had got a chance to taste Jain poha. And I never thought I would be eating poha without onion or potato any day until yesterday when Mom cooked jain poha with tomato, peanuts & white dried peas as ingredients. And to my surprise the taste was as yummy as kando poha or aloo poha.

So let’s check out how my mom made this Jain poha...

Preparation time: 10 minutes (for washing poha, cutting tomato and boiling peanuts & chick peas)

Cooking time: 10 minutes

What goes in it:

Flattened Rice (Poha), soaked- 1 ½ cup
Tomato, finely chopped- 1 tomato
Peanuts, boiled- ½ cup
White dried peas (Safed watana), boiled - ½ cup
Dried red chiili- 4-5 nos
Turmeric powder- ¼ tbl spn
Lemon juice- 1 ½ tbl spn
Sugar- 1 ½ tbl spn
Salt- as per your taste
Oil- 3 tbl spn
Mustard- Cuminn seeds (Rai-jeera)- ½ tbl spn
Asafoetida (Hing)- ½ tbl spn

How did Mom make it:

Soak white chickpeas in water overnight. Or you can soak for about 7-8 hours. It’s just that more you soak less time they take to boil.

Boil peanuts and white dried peas in a pressure cooker for about 3-4 whistles. Drain off the water and let it cool.

While you boil them, finely chop tomato.

Wash poha with water and drain off the water. Keep it aside in a colander for about 10 minutes so that water drains off completely.

Take a kadai and pour oil in it. Heat the oil for tempering. As it heats up, put mustard-cumin seeds and let them pop properly. Put hing and red chiili in it. Sauté it for about 1 minute. Thereafter put chopped tomato, peanuts, white chick peas, lemon juice, salt, turmeric powder and sugar. Let it cook for about 3-5 minutes.

Lastly add soaked poha to it and mix them all well.

Tasty Jain poha is ready to be served in dish/ bowl.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Panchmel Dal Pudla/ Uttapa

I come from a Jain family. Yesterday, Jain festival called “Paryusan” has started. During these days we at home prepare food without onions & potato (Jain food). So for the next 8-10 days I will share with you different type of Jain recipes cooked by me at home, obviously under momie’s guidance.

We donot use onions, potato, green vegetables, underground root/ stem and many other things which I am not aware while cooking food. But I am sure of one thing, that lentils can be eaten during Paryusan. So panchmel dal pudla was prepared the very first day. It is a blend of five different lentils mixed together to add a variety of flavours to one single dish.

Also it is an excellent snack for kids in tiffin box as it is full of proteins. It is easy to prepare, consumes very little of your time and kitchen is never messy when you cook it.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Makes: 7 pudlas of medium size

What goes in it:
Toor dal (Yellow pigeon peas)- 50 gm
Urad dal (Split black lentils) - 50 gm
Chana dal (Split bengal gram) - 50 gm
Masoor dal (Split red lentils) - 50 gm
Moong dal (Split green gram) - 50 gm
Dried red chilli- 6-7 nos
Cumin seeds (Jeera)- 2 tbl spn
Dried coriander seeds (Sukha dhana)- 2 tbl spn
Salt- as per taste
Water- ½ glass
Ghee/Oil/ Butter- 2 tbl spn (to makepudla, I used ghee)

Also you can add finely chopped ginger, garlic and coriander leaves to it.

How did I make it:

Wash and soak all the dal/lentils in water. Soak for about 6-7 hours before making the pudla.

As the dal softens up. Drain off the water. 

Soaked dal after 6 hours

Put it in a liquid jar of a grinder with along with other ingredients- dried red chiili, salt, jeera and coriander seeds. Put very little water in the grinder while grinding to make a smooth puree.


After the puree is ready, switch on the stove and heat the pan. Pour puree on the pan with the help of a spoon and spread it out slowly in circular manner on the pan with the help of spoon.

Cook both the sides of the pudla till golden brown.

First side cooked on pan

Second side cooked on pan

Then take it off the pan. And it is ready to be served. You can eat it with tomato ketchup or green chutney.